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Compare the Best Burial Insurance Companies in Utah. We’ll help you find the right funeral insurance for yourself or your parents. Use our online senior life insurance quotes 24/7. If you would prefer to speak with a live agent, give us a call.

You’ve heard about writing your own obituary, but what about planning your own funeral? Because of limited price transparency in the funeral industry, that may be the best way to save money..

Is Burial Insurance Different from Preneed Funeral Insurance? Two common types of funeral expense life insurance policies are burial insurance and preneed funeral insurance.* Having either one of these types of funeral expense life insurance policies can allow you to plan ahead for the costs associated with your funeral/final expenses.

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Many people don’t realize that bodies can be viewed before burial or any other disposition, and that a body does not need to me embalmed in order to be viewed. (Some funeral homes or cemeteries may.

Which Are the Best Burial Insurance Companies? I always get a little concerned when I’m asked to say which is the "best", the best for one family might not be the best for the other, which is thankfully why we are all blessed with the ability to compare and choose the best burial insurance companies.

Funeral Insurance. The idea of having your relatives prepare financially for your death while you are still alive might seem unpleasant, even though many people are not able to afford these services without some form of help or planning. Many people do not know how expensive a funeral and associated expenses can be until faced with the experience.

The Funeral Advantage program was created because you want to leave memories, not bills. Getting a personalized quote is fast, easy, and doesn’t require a medical exam. Coverage is more affordable than you think. Get your free Funeral Advantage quote today!

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