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Burial insurance, or final expense insurance, is a type of whole life insurance, otherwise known as permanent insurance. These types of policies are often purchased by senior citizens between the ages of 50-85 years old that do not require a large amount of life insurance coverage.

What is Burial insurance? burial insurance is a whole life insurance policy designed to cover the expenses of ones burial or funeral. It is also called Funeral Insurance, or Final Expense Insurance.These policies are typically between $5,000-$20,000 and often require no medical exam making them an easier option to qualify for.

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Burial insurance (aka funeral insurance) is a basic issue life insurance policy that covers people until they reach 100 years old. Burial insurance (also known as funeral insurance) is promoted as a way to pay in advance for your funeral expenses so that your loved ones won’t have to pay for your funeral.

** Co-op Set Burial Plans do not include the purchase of a grave, as the cost can be up to 5,000 in parts of the UK *** 20.85 a month is based on a 50 year old purchasing a Simple Funeral Plan at 3,295 over 25 years (total amount repayable 6,247.40).

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A funeral home in Sydney, N.S., has been sanctioned for mishandling money for a prepaid funeral. Chant’s Funeral Home will no longer be allowed to sell prearranged funerals in trust. It also cannot.

Final Expense Insurance is another type of life insurance. It is mostly used to cover ones final expenses (like burial costs) after one passes away. plans range from $2,500 to $50,000 in coverage. You can use the plan for almost anything such as burial costs, bill payments, mortgage, other insurances, or other needs.

A funeral plan. Some people choose to buy a pre-paid funeral plan. These are a stand-alone option for paying for your send-off, sometimes referred to as ‘funeral insurance’. What’s included varies depending on the policy, the provider and the price.