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A funeral trust is set up through an insurance company as a way to protect a portion of an insured’s assets to pay for funeral expenses. funeral trusts are available to everyone up to age 99 with only one health question. A policy can be written for amounts starting at $500 in some states. The maximum amount varies by state.

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what is burial insurance and how it works colorado Final Rites for Mrs. H. Graves, 84, held monday. funeral services for Mrs. Hallie Graves, 84, a resident of Parkview Manor who had lived most of her adult life in San Antonio, were held Monday morning , March 22, at hubbard funeral home, with burial in Masonic Cemetery.

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Buying burial insurance in Colorado can be a convenient and affordable way to plan ahead for the high cost of funerals in this state. Also called final experience insurance or funeral insurance, these plans are usually fairly inexpensive and easy to apply for. Furthermore, there are burial plans for almost everybody from about 50 years old to over 80 years old.

You pay the lower of remaining charges that your health insurance does not cover, or the CICP co-payment, whichever amount is lower. Does CICP Count As Health Insurance? No. Since CICP is not a health insurance program, it does not satisfy the individual responsibility (individual mandate) requirement for people to have health insurance.

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no health questions burial insurance colorado Photo: KSL TV Unexpected health care bills. which means his insurance company has an agreed-upon, contracted price for the surgery. “There were no denials on here; everything appears to be covered,