is burial insurance tax deductible kansas

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whole life burial insurance kansas Whole Life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that offers a guaranteed death benefit and builds guaranteed cash values that can be accessed through tax-advantaged policy loans. You select the amount of coverage that fits your needs. Your premiums on your Whole Life policy will be guaranteed for the life of the policy.

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They may legitimately include the cost of funeral expenses as a deduction. Rules for Claiming Funeral Expense Tax Deductions. The primary rule for claiming funeral expenses as a tax deduction is that the costs must be paid out of a decedent’s estate. In other words, funeral expenses are tax deductible if they are covered by an estate.

Many older people realize that they have not outgrown their need for life insurance. There is a kind of burial insurance for seniors in Kansas, often called a burial insurance plan, that is very easy for most seniors to apply for.Many families also find that final expense insurance provides an affordable way to plan for the rising cost of funerals and other final expenses.

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US tax perspective-Burial insurance or a prepaid burial plan is not a tax deductible expense. The only way to take a tax deduction for burial insurance would be if an employer provided it as a benefit to an employee and then it would be taxable compensation to the employee.

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